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        Andrew Sowell - Wade Huggins Endowed Scholarship Fund
                                     founded in 1991

"We are pleased to establish this endowed scholarship to honor Andy and Wade who share their
love and courage as they deal with cancer. We wish to renew our faith in them and in the students
concentrating on biomedical research whose talent and determination has ensured our sons'
futures. There can be no answers without research, and there can be no research without funds to
support these dedicated scientists. The determination of those committed to the defeat of this
dread disease will continue to inspire all of us to Join the Quest."

Joann Sowell, Marcia Huggins Jahncke, 1991


Wade Huggins (left) and Andrew
Sowell (right)
Boyhood friends, pre-cancer
Wade and Andy, cancer survivors with their moms, Joann Sowell and Marcia Huggins Jahncke


Joann Sowell and Marcia Huggins Jahncke founded the Andrew Sowell-Wade Huggins Endowed
Scholarship Fund in 1991 to celebrate the successful treatment of their twenty-six year-old sons,
both of whom have survived testicular cancer. With their personal donations, and contributions
from friends and family, the first two awards were presented in 1992.

In 1996 a decision was made to solicit funds from the community at large, and Cancer Answers,
a 501c3 charitable organization was inaugurated as the fund raising arm of the Andrew Sowell-
Wade Huggins Endowed Scholarship Fund at The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical
Sciences at Houston. This Fund provides financial assistance to exceptional graduate students
engaged in cancer research at The University of Texas Health Science Center and The University of
Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. As a result of annual fund raising activities, the endowment
has grown substantially. To date over 60 scholars have been named. The amount of each scholarship has
increased steadily so as to cover for one year the expense of tuition and fees for up to five exceptional
students. In addition the Endowment provides support for a special professor/fellowship stipend
award annually, chosen on the merit of the credentials of both.

Wade Huggins Family


Andy Sowell Family



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