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There can be no answers without research, and there can be no research without funds to support
these dedicated scientists. The determination of those committed to the defeat of this dread disease
will continue to inspire all of us. Please Join the Quest.--
Joann Sowell, Marcia Huggins Jahncke, Andrew Sowell, Wade Huggins


. Cancer Answers reached their original endowment goal of $1,000,000 in 2011 to provide continuation of these awards in perpetuity.  The vision for the next generation is to move forward with support to keep up with inflation and provide additional funding for these stellar scientists-in-the-making and the research their degrees further.

. The goal is to provide up to five $5,000 Sowell-Huggins Scholarships yearly to exceptional students working in the area of cancer research.

. The goal is to provide yearly one $25,000 Fellowship to an exemplary professor/student team.

. By 2031, the Endowment will have increased to provide not only for the effects of inflation, but to also ensure a higher level of support for our scholars. (20-20 Vision of Cancer Answers).


Help us grow the support that funds the scholars who do the research and become the scientists
who have the answers. Through providing these awards, help us strengthen and encourage the
minds who will find the scientific solutions of tomorrow.

. Make your tax-deductible contribution to Cancer Answers.

. As a corporation, match a gift of your employees to this 501 c (3) organization.

. Honor a cancer survivor by a Birthday Gift to Cancer Answers in their name.

. Remember a loved one by a Memorial Gift in their name to Cancer Answers.

                                                                       JOIN THE QUEST

2014 Scholars & Cancer Answers Founders: Ting-Hsiang (Richard) Huang; Mien-Chie Hung, Ph.D.; Vida Chitsazzadeh; Lindsey Minter; Marcia Huggins Jahncke; Andy Sowell; Joann Sowell; Aarthi Goverdhan; David Fried; Avinashnarayan Venkatanarayan and Joshua Niedzielski