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Wade Huggins

One of the namesakes of the Andrew Sowell -Wade Huggins Endowed Scholarships, which are presented annually at the Cancer Answers Luncheon. These scholarships
were established by Marcia Huggins Jahnke and Joann Sowell in 1991 to celebrate the successful cancer treatment of their sons, Huggins and Andrew Sowell. To date, there have been more than 70 Andrew Sowell-Wade Huggins Scholars.Wade’s kind heart and generosity encouraged many.  



Bill Cutshall   

“I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.” - Timothy 4:7

A verse chosen by Bill Cutshall to be read at his memorial service.

Bill Cutshall, a truly revered friend and ardent supporter of Cancer Answers lost his long term battle with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in September 2008. He served and will continue to serve as an inspiration to those who are fighting cancer. When first diagnosed, he was told to put his affairs in order. Instead, he took control of his disease and was able to add 19 incredible years to his life. During that time, which he won for himself through research and consultation with the medical community throughout the world, Bill inaugurated the first Men Only Support Group at M.D. Anderson. He was tireless in his effort to give of his wisdom and comfort to any and all who asked. Those who were sustained by their association with Bill are countless and widespread. His affiliation with Cancer Answers took on a new perspective when son, Taylor Cutshall, married Dr. Joya Chandra, a 1997 Cancer Answers Scholar. We join his beloved wife Pat and his children in expressing our sorrow for his loss and our eternal gratitude for his presence in our lives. Bill fought, finished, and kept the faith not just for himself, but for all of us who will hold the memory of his courage and generosity in our hearts.

Linda Vidosh-Stover


Linda Vidosh-Stover, beloved cousin and aunt of the Huggins family, treasured friend and confidant of the Sowell family, died on September 15, 2008 of lung cancer. She was a source of comfort and strength when Wade and Andy were confronting cancer, and was a staunch supporter of Cancer Answers from it’s inception. Linda’s incredible spirit, which never ceased to soar, provided inspiration and comfort as she dealt with her own illness. She was the personification of, “What Cancer Can’t Do.” All of us who shared Linda’s life were given a wonderful gift. We will miss forever her humor, compassion, creativity, and her ability to leave the lives of those she touched better and brighter. It is a fitting tribute to award a scholarship in her name. With grateful hearts, we recognize those who made special contributions in loving remembrance.



Linda Vidosh-Stover

Bobby Sue Smith Cohn

Excerpt from Cancer Answers 2011 Luncheon Program when the First Cancer Answers/Bobby Smith Cohn Scholarship was awarded.

Bobby Sue Smith Cohn died September 14, 2010. Memories of Bobby are always close at hand. Whether we are discussing a new book, buying an exotic plant, selecting a fabric, or lamenting the hassle of Christmas shopping, we suddenly find ourselves recalling a spe­cial time with Bobby. We usually wind up laughing. We always wind up missing her. When we decided to establish the endowment, Bobby was right beside us, just as she had been when Wade and Andy confronted cancer. She never doubted our endeavor though many others did. She made insight­ful suggestions on the guidelines, was instrumental in the success of our fundraising events, and provided exceedingly generous financial support. We never ceased to ask her advice. She never failed to give it. Now we want to honor her memory and her devotion to Cancer Answers. We will henceforth present an annual scholarship in her name. Cancer took Bobby from us, but we all know about the things cancer can’t do. It can’t take away all the gifts her friendship gave us, and it can’t dim the recollection of our bright, funny, creative, irreverent, compassionate Bobby.