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1991: Moms start and friends contribute to honor cancer survivor sons and make family memorial
            gifts; the Andrew Sowell-Wade Huggins Endowed Scholarship Fund is established at The University
            of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

1992: The first two Andrew Sowell-Wade Huggins Scholarships are awarded to students working in
             cancer research.

1993: The Christmas Letters start as an annual gift campaign.

1996: First Cancer Answers gala fundraising event, "Fiesta Grande."

1997: Cancer Answers received IRS 501(c) 3 charitable organization status which enabled tax-
             deductible gifts and fundraising.

1998: The Texas Water Safari event raised support for the Endowment.
             As a result of annual fund raising events, generous Foundation grants, and personal letter-writing
            campaigns, the endowment has grown substantially. Size of endowment enables the increase in
            number of scholarships.

1999: Sylvan Rodriguez Charity chose Cancer Answers to be one of the beneficiaries of the Sylvan
              Rodriguez Golf Tournament and Gala.

2000: First Cancer Answers/Sylvan Rodriguez Scholarship awarded.

2001: website came to life.

2002: Established Andrew Sowell-Wade Huggins Professorship/ Graduate Fellowship Award.

2004: Inaugural Valentines Art Program celebrated cancer survivors.

2005: Unique art emblem installed at UT-Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences to honor all those
               challenged with cancer.

2005: Current size of the endowment has grown to enable the amount of each scholarship to be
               increased to $2,500 to cover the yearly expense of tuition for five scholars.

2006: To date, 36 students have received the prestigious honor of the Andrew Sowell- Wade Huggins
               Endowed Scholarship; seven students have been named Cancer Answers/Sylvan Rodriguez Scholars,

               and three professor/student teams have received full stipend support ($20,000-$23,000 yearly)

               through the Andrew Sowell-Wade Huggins Professorship/Fellowship joint award, renewable for three years.

2006: Website revitalized as

2007:  A letter sent to friends and family soliciting contributions brought more than 100 generous gifts

                which helped to make possible an annual donation to the endowment of $100,000.

                Scholarships have increased in value to provide $3,000 for each honoree.

2008: Under the Cancer Answers umbrella more than 50 graduate students have received tuition or stipend support.

2009: Through the growth of the Endowment two of the Andrew Sowell-Wade Huggins Professorship/Fellowship teams

               were named.  Scholarships were increased to $5,000.

2010: A total of 70 graduate students received scholarships or full stipend support under the Cancer Answers.

2011: Celebrated our 20th Anniversary year of funding and supporting those who will be finding Cancer Answers!

2011: Reached the original goal of providing $1,000,000 for the Andrew Sowell/Wade Huggins Endowed Scholarship.

2011: First Cancer Answers/Bobby Smith Cohn Scholarship was awarded.

2012: Naming 61 Andrew Sowell/Wade Huggins Scholars; 13 Cancer Answers/Sylvan Rodriguez Scholars; and six Sowell/Wade Huggins Professor/Fellow teams

2012: Establishment of the Sylvan Rodriguez Foundation Endowed Scholarship in honor of George Stancel, Ph.D.

2012: Providing vision for the next generation and increased necessary support for these young scientists who will find Cancer Answers.

2013: The first Sylvan Rodriguez Foundation Scholarship honoring George M. Stancel, Ph.D., is awarded.

2014: Special letter inviting prior honorees; plans to take the endowment to next level.

2015: Reviewing the website and reaching out to new friends.